We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. Pakistan ranks as the sixth most dangerous country in the world for women, with cases of sexual crimes and domestic violence recording a rapid rise. Activists blame society’s patriarchal attitudes for the problem. The mother of six barely had any idea what awaited her. Her husband Sajjad R. She was surprised, but went with him nonetheless.

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He even shook hands, a gesture that is akin to an invitation to death in these times. He was the first head of state to visit Beijing after the coronavirus outbreak. Also read: For Pakistani men, Aurat March is the real coronavirus.

Two massive sinkholes opened up in Lahore after relentless rain in an old part of the city, lined with buildings dating back to the colonial era.

Constitutional privacy protections: Article 14 1 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan states that “[t]he dignity of man and, subject to law, the privacy of home, shall be inviolable. The legislative process is still on-going. NADRA was used for the elections which took place in The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan enshrines the right to privacy as a fundamental right. Article 14 1 of the Constitution confirms that “[t]he dignity of man and, subject to law, the privacy of home, shall be inviolable.

As a fundamental constitutional right, the right to privacy is meant to take precedence over any other inconsistent provisions of domestic law. Article 8 of the Constitution provides that “[a]ny law, or any custom or usage having the force of law, in so far as it is inconsistent with the rights conferred [under the Constitution], shall, to the extent of such inconsistency, be void.

Yet Pakistan’s constitution also includes a wide-ranging exception to the primacy of fundamental rights. The provisions of Article 8 do not apply to any law relating to the ‘proper discharge’ of the duties of the Armed Forces or the police. The breadth of this exception is troubling, especially given the central role that the Armed Forces in particular have played in Pakistan’s domestic political landscape historically.

Pakistan is a signatory to several international and regional instruments with privacy implications, including:. Social media platforms are widely used in Pakistan.

Monsoon rains create massive sinkhole in Pakistan city

We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. Read more about our cookie policy. As I write I can still hear shop shutters being slammed, the volume of TV news channels going up, the clatter of people going out onto the streets and of protests echoing full and loud. Later rage erupts into violence as vehicles are smashed and the air is thick with the smoke of burning tyres.

The reason for all this? The collapse of the leading political party in Punjab, one of the four provinces in Pakistan, and the countries leading opposition party, the Pakistan Muslim League Noon lead by the ex-prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

Facts and Figures · Shadow Pandemic: EVAW and COVID Response · Take action Despite these commitments, Pakistan’s ranking for gender equality remains one of the lowest Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. According to UN Women’s Status Report, on Women’s Economic.

Lahore’s origins reach into antiquity. The city has been controlled by numerous empires throughout the course of its history, including the Hindu Shahis , Ghaznavids , Ghurids , and Delhi Sultanate by the medieval era. Lahore reached the height of its splendour under the Mughal Empire between the late 16th and early 18th century, and served as its capital city for a number of years. The city was captured by the forces of the Afsharid ruler Nader Shah in , and fell into a period of decay while being contested between the Afghans and the Sikhs.

Lahore eventually became capital of the Sikh Empire in the early 19th century, and regained some of its lost grandeur. Lahore experienced some of the worst rioting during the Partition period preceding Pakistan’s independence. Lahore exerts a strong cultural influence over Pakistan. The city is also a major centre of education in Pakistan, [17] with some of Pakistan’s leading universities based in the city.

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Sri Lanka’s crazy got even weirder on Wednesday, when they made five changes to the team that had won the first two T20Is against Pakistan, but still managed to pull off a whitewash – debutant Oshada Fernando producing the defining innings, before legspinner Wanindu Hasaranga took three wickets in his second successive match. Oshada hit 78 not out off 48 balls, overseeing Sri Lanka’s recovery from 30 for 3 after five overs, then 58 for 4 after eight.

Very much the talisman in the innings – no other batsman made even 15 – he guided Sri Lanka to for 7 on a slow Lahore surface.

Pakistan is a net emigration country and is listed as the 6th largest net emigration country in the world Webinar Report, CIMRAD, Lahore School of Economics.

Aisha was reading papers, fielding requests from locals in her jurisdiction. Pakistani cops have long had a bad rep: stereotyped as overweight and lazy, accused of everything from committing extrajudicial killings and torture to demanding bribes from commuters and free food from street vendors. Over the past couple of years, Pakistani police officers have joined Twitter to push back against criticism and reshape their image.

Using a mix of moralizing and humor, officers have amassed followers by turning their lives into reality TV. The police gets all kinds of requests. Their online presence also allows people to report crimes by tagging them in tweets. For many Pakistanis, interacting with a cop online may be the first time they see them as human, rather as bribe-taking killing machines. Butt, the officer who tweeted her child, wanted to show that women officers can be committed both to their work and to their family.

She wanted women to come forward. She wanted to highlight the conditions under which cops operate. Her Twitter-famous daughter is now a little over a year old, but last summer, Butt asked her superiors to give her a side assignment for a few months, while her daughter was growing up.

Aurat March: Pakistani women face violent threats ahead of rally

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The pilots in the Pakistan International Airlines plane that crashed in The aviation minister also released the official reports of four other crashes dating back to , The May 22 flight from the eastern city of Lahore to the southern port of Video Shows Aftermath of Pakistan Plane Crash in Karachi.

Despite Indo-Pak animosity, youngsters in Amritsar and Lahore have been using apps like Tinder and Grindr to virtually date people across the border. Since then, they have talked about films, chatted with each other over long video calls, and occasionally, sexted. Despite all the animosity between India and Pakistan, youngsters in conservative Amritsar and urban Lahore have been using apps like Tinder and Grindr—which connect people based on location— to virtually date people across the border.

And even though it is hard to meet in person, the desire and curiosity for like-minded people across the frontier has spurred these relationships. However, while this forbidden love might be thrilling, it does not always have a fairytale ending. Most of the people ThePrint spoke to saw a high percentage of Pakistani users on dating apps, possibly because a cosmopolitan city like Lahore has more Tinder adopters than Gurdaspur district and its neighbouring areas.

If a user is based close to another country, and their distance preferences include a radius that crosses a border, they will be shown all potential matches that meet their criteria — regardless of whether a potential match is located in another country.

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Why is this important to Pakistan? It is a small temple on which time has taken its toll, as it seems not to have been repaired or conserved over the last many centuries. This debate merits an initial analysis as to which of the three claimants has a stronger case. As this is a faith-loaded discussion, our attempt will be to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses in the claims of all three sites. This consideration is important to cleanse this initial analysis of any communal bias. Knowing this is important to this debate.

journalists in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi as part of the U.S. Department of State’s Rumor, reported as fact, is epidemic in Pakistan. Images and videos He singles out “heroes” like Wali Khan Babar, a Geo TV.

Update As security in the country improves, tourism in Pakistan increases. Since I came back from my 2-month journey in Pakistan , I have been strongly promoting the country through tens of pictures, stories, and detailed traveling information. To be honest, v ery few people are aware of the potential of this country, so everybody gets particularly surprised when they hear my tales of Pakistani hospitality or take a look at my photos:. However, whenever I convince any of my friends and readers of the outstanding landscape and great people that comprise Pakistan, inevitably, they ask me:.

Pakistan is such a huge country, which comprises countless different regions, ethnicities, and sub-cultures, that it would be a big mistake to consider it as a whole. Please note that I am not a journalist but just a very curious, observant traveler who asks locals a lot of questions. By the way, if you want to be up-to-date about all my trips, remember to follow againstthecompass on Instagram.

Is Pakistan safe in 2020? All you need to know

Jump to navigation. The one-minutesecond video shows a man wearing a skull cap crawling through a narrow street, followed by a woman and girl holding babies in their arms, and a young boy. The woman and the girl are seen wearing hijab. After some time, the crawling man is seen resting in front of a house, following which he wears slippers, gets up and suddenly starts walking.

He went on to say that the incident is from Delhi.

This report was prepared by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) pursuant to Especially in Peshawar, but also in Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore, official deputy chief of mission (DCM)-chaired digital video conferences, emails, and visits under a letter of agreement with the Pakistani Government dating from and.

Islamabad : The Lahore High Court directed Pakistan’s Interior Ministry on Saturday to decide within 30 days the fate of Indian Sikh woman pilgrim who converted to Islam, married a Lahore-based man and moved the court for citizenship and visa extension. Kiran Bala, a mother of three children from Punjab’s Hoshiarpur district, had also sent an application to Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry.

The High Court, while extending her visa by 30 days, directed the Interior Ministry to decide whether she was eligible for the six-month extension, the Express Tribune reported. She went to Pakistan on her Indian passport with a visa valid till 21 April. But later, she reportedly embraced Islam and married a Pakistani national Muhammed Azam. Her family alleged that she may have fallen into the hands of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence and forced to convert and remarry.

The family said they had no official communication from any quarter about her well-being and current status. In her application for extension of the Pakistan visa, her name was mentioned as Amna Bibi while the signature was done as Amina. She applied for extension of the visa, citing “threats of assassination” to her life in India, before Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry, reports said. According to Pakistani law, Kiran Bala can stay in Pakistan for a month, and if granted the six-month extension, she could be eligible for attaining citizenship.

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